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What are your standard tolerances and manufacturing standards?

Learn about our CNC machining and 3D printing quality guidelines

CNC Machining standards

As a standard, we hold the following ISO tolerances:

  • Plastics: ISO 2768-m
  • Metals: ISO 2768-f

We also allow for selection of tighter tolerances on specific features called out in technical drawings. You can request tighter tolerances on our quote builder. Tolerances tighter than +/-0.02mm (+/-0.000787") will be reviewed by our mechanical engineers.

3D Printing standards

3D printing tolerance standards depends on the processes, which FDM generally being the least accurate and SLA being the most accurate. More information about our tolerances and surface finishes can be found in our 3D Printing manufacturing standards which you can download below.

Download 3DP printing standards


What happens if these standards are not met?

If we fail to meet our manufacturing standards, please let us know so we can make it right. You can learn about how to raise a quality issue here.


Want to know more about how we ensure quality in our network?

Learn more about our quality management system here.