Understand DfM warnings

Learn how to read our DfM warnings

Accessing DfM feedback

You can see a detailed DfM feedback for your part by selecting the 'Review manufacturability feedback' button underneath the part name. You will be take to a 3D file viewer where you can inspect where exactly are the issues located on your part.


Warnings vs Errors

With our broad network of suppliers we can manufacture almost any geometry. Therefore most of the issues highlighted by our DfM are not preventing you from sending these parts into production. They do however impact the price of your part and it is advised for you to resolve these before proceeding. These warnings are orange in the user interface.


There is a class of issues that are so severe we will block you from submitting them to production. These errors are red in the user interface and you will have to resolve them before you can continue.


Available DfM checks

We perform the following checks for every CNC machining and 3D printing part uploaded. Instant DfM feedback is currently not available for Sheet metal or Injection molding.

CNC machining

  • Wall thickness - Checks whether all walls thick enough
  • Hard to remove volume - Highlights volume that will require 5-axis mill or special tools
  • Sharp internal corners - Detects internal corners without radius

3D printing

  • Wall thickness - Checks whether all walls thick enough
  • Intricate details - Detects details that are too small to be printed with the selected process
  • Hard to remove support volume - Highlights support that will be hard to remove
  • Mesh integrity - Detect problems in your STL or OBJ mesh

What's next?

Learn how to resolve our DfM warnings to avoid defects and optimize your part price.