Order status updates

Learn how we will keep you updated during the manufacturing process

Once you have submitted your order, we will send you an email whenever the order status changes. Each order goes through the following stages during the manufacturing process:

1. Accepted

Payment, signed quote or purchase order was received by Hubs.

2. In production

One of our manufacturing partners started producing your parts.

3. Shipped

Manufacturing partner shipped your order (You will receive a tracking link).

4. Delivered

At this point you have received your parts. If the parts are not manufactured to your specifications, you can raise a quality issue with our customer support team.

5. Completed

Once you indicate that you have received all your parts and they match your specifications, the order is marked as completed.

You can also reach out to our customer support team or your dedicated sales engineer to ask for additional details during the whole process.

Order management on Hubs

Currently you will receive a link to an order page in every email. On the order page you can find overview of your order, it's current status, download your invoice or signed quote and contact customer support.

CNC machining and injection moulding order are currently not visible in the order overview under 'My orders' link. We are working hard to release a combined order overview with all technologies soon.


Example of order page status view

Who can I contact with questions about an ongoing order?

We try our best to keep you informed at all times with regards to the status of your order, but if anything is unclear please feel free to contact us straight away.

What's next?

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