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Inspection report

Learn about our standard and advanced inspection reports

All orders go through a Final Quality Control step performed by our Manufacturing Partners. In addition, all CNC, Sheet Metal and Injection Molding orders are inspected by our Quality Control team when reaching our Amsterdam and Chicago cross-docking facilities. Alternative, more detailed reports (listed below) are available and may be requested by contacting your Account Manager or by sending an email to sales@hubs.com. Specific sampling rules can be followed by our Inspection teams upon request.

Standard Cross-docking inspection report

  • Critical dimensions (bounding box, hole diameters/locations, thicknesses and depths)
  • Quantity of parts
  • Number of parts inspected
  • Surface finish
  • Removal of sharp edges and burrs
  • Threads and tolerances
  • Roughness
  • Color matching (in case of color coating / anodizing)

Download an example of our cross-dock QC report

Full dimensional report

This report gives a detailed assessment of all critical dimensions (bounding box, hole diameters/locations, thicknesses and depths), including both actual and allowable tolerances.

Dimensions are verified using a precision measuring instrument or with a Coordinate Measuring Machine, if required.

Download our full dimensional report

Material/mill test report

This report gives a detailed overview of the material's chemical and mechanical properties. We typically test 10 chemical elements, perform tensile, and hardness tests on material samples coming from the materials used to fulfil the order. Specific additional tests can be performed upon request.