Download and share your quotes

Learn how to download and share your quotes

Once a quote has been saved, you can download it as pdf or share it with your colleagues.

Download quote as PDF

download_pdfTo download your quote as pdf, click on the "Download PDF" button at the top of the quote page. The PDF will also include a payment link through which you can start production.

Share quote

email_quote-1Email your quote instantly to your colleagues with our built in tool. All you need to do is click the "Email quote" button at the top of the quote page.

This will open up a modal where you can see who you've previously shared this quote with, and continue to emailing this quote to a new colleague. We will send an email to your colleague with the PDF quote as well as information about our payment process if you choose so.

What's next?

Learn how to start production by uploading a PO or signed quote to confirm your quote.