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Do you offer First Article Inspection?

We offer First Article Inspection (FAI) for CNC machining upon request. You can request FAI on your order by contacting your account manager or sales@hubs.com.

You can use FAI to validate parts compliance to specification before "Mass Production". You will receive a subset of parts with a set of FAI documentation for approval before continuing with full production of the order. Upon approval you should fill in the parts acceptance letter and email it to support@hubs.com.

To proceed with FAI we need to know the following:

  • Critical dimensions (indicated by a customer on technical drawings)
  • Batch size (usually set by a standard)
  • Parts to be inspected

FAI includes the following documents:

  • Full Dimensional Report - done via CMM machine
  • Document certifying material compliance
    • Metals: Material Test Report
    • Plastics: Material Certificates
  • Production flowchart
  • Production Control Plan
  • Parts acceptance letter

We offer FAI free of charge for orders over $10,000, and at $250/line item for metals and $150 for plastics for any orders of lower value. We also require 15 working day addition to the lead time.