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Select a surface finish

Quick guide to surface finish selection on Hubs

Comparing prices and available lead times available surface finishes for your part takes just a couple of clicks. To be able to select a surface finish, make sure you have already added at least one part to your cart. After the file processing is done, you can click on "Change part specifications".


In the list of available options you can select a specific surface finish. Please note that not all surface finishes might be available for the selected material.


Selecting surface finish color

Some surface finishes like Anodising or Powder coating include the option of further specifying a color. You can select one of the default option or enter a custom RAL/Pantone code. Please note that selecting a custom color will likely result in a price increase.


Specifying cosmetic requirements

Some surface finishes can be delivered as either cosmetic or non cosmetic. This impacts the final price and visual quality of your parts. You can select your preference in the list of available part specifications.


Available surface finishes

Hubs offers wide range of surface finishes for CNC machining, Sheet metal and Injection molding. For the full list of our capabilities you can follow this link.

3D printing finishes are currently not available in the checkout but can be requested from our sales team at sales@hubs.com.

Selecting the right finish for your application

Not sure which surface finish is the most suitable for your application? We have written an extensive article about surface finishes for CNC machined as well as injection moulded parts.

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